Packing your Fine Art and Antiques

Once we have collected your acquisitions and given you an accurate quote, we will safely package your auction purchases. Every parcel is suitable for the precious contents it contains. We only use new materials to ensure the safe arrival of the contents to your doorstep.

Our bespoke service means we can handle almost all items and our years of experience means we are not afraid of making a wooden crate or even packing a container for export if the requirement is there.

When your purchases are safe and secure in their parcel we will ship the item to you. When it is delivered you will discover first-hand our fine art of packing!

Some of the items we have recently packed...
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Shipped 03 1
Shipped 09
Shipped 01
Shipped 05
Shipped 07
Shipped 06
Shipped 08
Shipped 10
Shipped 02
AuctionHouseShipping Clipart